Jr Kindergarten Program

2023/2024 Jr Kindergarten Registration now open!

Barr Colony School's Junior Kindergarten Program offers learning, language, experiential and play opportunities based on the philosophy of prekindergarten and best practices for early learning. 

The fee for Junior Kindergarten is $100/month ($1000/year). At this time, no deposit is required. If you would like to register your child for Jr Kindergarten,  click here to complete both the registration and secondary registration forms. If you have any questions, please contact Barr Colony School, 780-875-4054.

Please scroll down for an introduction from our teacher, Ms. Tindall and more information on our Jr Kindergarten Program.

Meet our Jr Kindergarten Teacher - Ms. Chantel Tindall

Hi!  My name is Ms. Chantel Tindall and I am the Junior Kindergarten teacher at Barr Colony School. I have taught for over a decade in Grades 3, 5, 1, and 1/2 before I landed the best job out there: Junior Kindergarten.  In 2011, I completed my Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Educational Administration from the University of Saskatchewan.  My husband teaches Grade 7 at Bishop Lloyd Middle School and we have 3 little boys of our own under the age of 6.

My goal is for your child to love coming to school.  We encourage their independence and build their confidence to successfully head off to Kindergarten following our program.

Here is a typical Jr Kindergarten Day:

Drop Off (either 8:35 or 11:50 am)

Table Time - Activities that encourage counting, letter recognition and developing hand strength are set out for children to interact with as they arrive at school.

Library - Students get to choose one book from the library each time they come to school.


Gym - Students use the plasma cars and play with different equipment from the gym.

Center Time - This is a time for students to use their imaginations and work on social skills while playing and interacting with others.  Crafting is offered at this time as well.

Outside Time - Students get outside almost every time they come to school. Getting outdoors in all types of weather builds resilience in children.

Pick Up (either 11:15 am or 2:30 pm)


If you have any questions regarding the Jr Kindergarten Program at Barr Colony School, please contact me by either calling the school, 780-875-4054 or by email at chantel.tindall@lpsd.ca 

We have many different centers for students to explore. 

At the carpet students are able to use different blocks and shapes to make buildings, bridges, houses, etc. Here they are encouraged to be creative and make many different structures. We also have a Craft Center where they make different themed or holiday crafts to take home and share with family.

We have two different playgrounds with equipment for the kids to enjoy. There is a specific, gated, playground for our younger students that the Jr Kindergarten students use. They also enjoy the K - 6 playground when the big kids are in class. Our Jr Kindergarten students also use the hill which is especially enjoyable in the winter time.

Our Sensory Center is enjoyed by all the students and is changed monthly. It engages students in play that stimulates their senses of sight, touch, hearing and smell.

Our Writing Center helps students learn the basics in printing, preparing them for the start of their school years. We have them printing letters, numbers, their name and different sequences of letters and numbers.

Students love going to the Gym. Mrs. Yahnke, at the office, always knows when they are having fun- the louder they are the more fun they are having!

Students go daily to the Library. They look forward to hearing a story and signing out a book to take home and enjoy with their family.


If you would like to register your child for our Jr Kindergarten Program, please click here.

Here's some of the wonderful things we do in Jr Kindergarten !